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Don’t just take it from me, here is what our clients have to say…

Marjolaine Millette

To understand that I was not only healing for myself, but for the generations before and after me, was so empowering.

The tools provided were wonderful to learn and apply in a safe space. They’re grounded in applying to real life scenarios and have already supported me out here! I am yelling in my car at the thought of people not stopping for ambulances, my inner child has come to play each day (and apparently loves mint chocolate icecream!), and I have moved my body every day in whichever way my soul calls! I have written out my commitments to myself and read them every day.

I am safe in my body, my body is my home and the tools and experience provided during this retreat have brought me back into remembrance of that. There is no better gift.

Julie Hrvatin

I didn't know what to expect when going to the Hungry For Happiness Squamish Retreat and was nervous to take the chance. I am so happy that I did. I can honestly say the retreat has had a significant positive impact on my life. Samantha provided a safe space to share and build meaningful connections within myself and with others. She facilitated sessions with ease, allowed for intense emotion to flow, and lightened the mood with hilarious interjections when needed. The activities (painting, movement, chocolate making) were super fun and tied in nicely with the group discussions. Plus, there was enough free time to explore the beautiful Eagle Valley Retreat property and enjoy the amazing food made by Delicious Karma.

All in all, I loved every "Aha!" moment, learned tools that I use daily, and would highly recommend the Hungry For Happiness Squamish Retreat!

Jasmine Rakhra

The Hungry For Happiness Retreat allowed me to explore, discover, and reconnect with parts of my body I didn't think mattered or had anything to do with my relationship to food. In this safe place, I was able to let go and be authentic with my bottled emotions; cleanse my manifested beliefs, and untangle the root of my suffering.

This experience transformed me and bettered me in ways I never thought possible.

Jessica Sanders

In love with Sam and her team, and the work they do.

I experienced so much healing in one weekend, I can't wait to see what kind of growth I experience as I continue my journey! It was truly an honor. I've never felt so loved and understood

Chelsey Stone

I so appreciate all the love and support. That was the safest I have ever felt and I've come home with a confidence I didn't know was possible! Personal development in a group environment is something I've never considered before and I am SO glad I did this!

Going through this transformation with such beautiful souls, witnessing each others’ pain, suffering and re-emergence has been the most healing experience of my life. Sam and Jenn, you two are so incredible! You make an exactly perfect team and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me connect to my power (and literally everything else!)

Lesley Tucker

I have never felt so safe and supported in a group of women to feel, express and explore my emotions and fears. I feel like my soul is on fire with a new energy and I’m so full of gratitude I could burst.

Next Retreat: In Squamish BC, Canada

January 25th-29th, 2018!

Learn how to listen to your body from a place of intuition and love.
Detach yourself from the diet/binge cycle & stop obsessing over food and your body.