Stop the battle with your body and food now.

Give me 6 months – I’ll give you back your life.

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If you no longer fought with food, how would your life be different?

“Ok, diet starts Monday!”

How often have you told yourself this?

How long have you struggled?

Go ahead, surrender.

Give me six months I'll give you back your life.

You were not designed to spend your life fighting food and hating your body.

Let me help you find freedom.

About The Society

Are you tired of feeling guilty every time you eat a ‘forbidden food’?

Do you feel hopeless and frustrated trying to lose weight with no results? You’ve tried every ‘miracle’ diet on the market and you’re still struggling to lose weight?

Let’s talk about the problem of binge eating, and the impact it may be having on your life right now. You are not alone.

Did you know that 67% of women say they’re stressed about their weight and the relationship with food?

I’m Samantha Skelly – I specialize in helping women around the world lose weight and gain confidence by uncovering the underlying causes of emotional eating and reconnecting with their bodies. .

I want to work with you to create lasting change – a new, effective but gentle approach to help you transform your body and your relationship with food, as well as increased self-esteem in all areas of your life.

On this six month journey, we’re going to work together to help you escape from the hopelessness and frustration of overeating and beating yourself up about it later.

This vicious negative cycle can be stopped. What’s even better: you can feel in control, confident and happy around food, and still look and feeling great. I can show you how.

Retirement hit me hard both physically and mentally. Working with Samantha totally changed my life! I learned to love myself, my body and to get out there and enjoy all the things I had been missing. Over the past nine months, I have released 63 pounds and become a new person!

Shelby McNamara

I’ve had the incredible fortune to be coached by Samantha at her live events, within the Society, and at one of her retreats. Working with her has been nothing short of life changing. Finally being freed of the eating disorder, and the terrible thoughts that went along with it - for more than 18 years of my life!

Chelsey Dixon

Hungry for Happiness helped me reconnect with my intuition, my body and feelings around food. I can no longer put food in my mouth without being mindful, without knowing whether or not I am hungry or eating for emotional fulfillment. It’s now my choice and no longer a "mindless" act.

June Kamerling

The journey with H4H was an unexpected awakening for me. I was thoroughly discouraged and in self-loathing mode after an intensely restrictive diet where I lost 75 lbs, then quickly gained back 50. When I talked to Sam, I felt nothing but love and caring wrapped in a package of intense focus and directed purpose.

Joyce Perrone

You may be thinking, “That sounds amazing, but I’ve tried everything.”

I get it. I totally do.

There’s a million books, DVDs, TV shows and gyms out there all telling you ‘they’ know the answer to weight loss. Why would what I say be any different?

Here's why:

We’re going to look far deeper into your weight loss transformation than most others go. They’re chasing the superficial layer only, but we know the real root causes of these problems are underneath, and need to be dealt with on that level to see real lasting change.

I’ll guide you on a journey of self-discovery to uncover the reasons you’re using food as a drug and show you how to overcome binge eating – for good.

We also know social support and having your own coach are the top two factors in success when it comes to lasting transformation. You may be just like our other Hungry For Happiness clients who desperately wanted to make these changes in life but didn’t know where to start, who felt that the typical ‘personal trainer’ or ‘diet book’ didn’t get their problem. And that’s usually true.

One last thing that makes this approach different: not only do you have me as your personal guide every step of the way, but I personally guarantee my program. If you don’t get the results after six months, you won’t pay a penny. I can’t get much fairer than that.

The bottom line is this: losing weight and overcoming binge eating is all down to identifying and gently changing similar, predictable patterns that we see time after time.

But I do have to tell you, this is not for everybody.

I need to know that you’re ready, willing and able to invest in yourself to change your life with my help. I also need to see that you are going to be fully committed to making this change, and that you’re a suitable fit for the program.

Does that sound fair?

You'll have the support of not only myself, but the other Hungry For Happiness Society members to support you along your journey. Each week is a new lesson in which you’ll discover a new way to liberate yourself from the diet/binge cycle and finally learn to lose weight from a place of love.

If you believe you're ready and it’s time for you to escape the frustration of overeating and the hopelessness of being unable to lose weight, and you want to radically transform the quality of your life, now is the time.