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“I don’t have the time”

Imagine how much extra time you’d have if you didn’t obsess over food and your body. Take a moment right now and think about all the mental space you’d have if you weren’t constantly obsessing and analyzing, stressing and feeling shameful.

Also, The Society is all about integrating into your life, not taking hours out of your day to ‘work on yourself’ it’s about taking the work and using it in the things you’re already doing. The only time commitment is listening to the webinars and modules.


“I don't have the money”

So, here is the thing. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but YOU are the best investment you can make. Investing in yourself will always be the best choice, if you don’t believe this, The Society probably isn’t for you. However, if you totally understand the importance of investing in yourself and you still are struggling to make it happen, we offer payment plans to suit your financial situation, we’re on your side, we are willing to make this work for you.


“Not sure if it's the program for me”

Ask yourself if this is your fear holding you back? Trust me, I totally get it. I used every excuse in the book to distance myself from getting help, why? Because it can be freaking scary! I totally get it, sometimes staying stuck and struggling is more comfortable than changing our ways.

If you truly want to end the battle with food and your body don’t let your fear hold you back, you’ve got this.


“I’m scared of sharing my ‘stuff'“

I hear this a lot, this is probably one of the biggest concerns when people enter the program. And here is the thing, the very reason why you’ve not been successful in healing your relationship to food and your body is because you’ve not allowed yourself to share it and get help. As soon as you voice it, and seek support it begins to heal. Hiding away and keeping it a secret will only make the issue worse. I know it can be a little scary at first, but everyone in the program is in the same boat as you, this is the safest place you can share.

Everything is 100% confidential.

Retirement hit me hard both physically and mentally. Working with Samantha totally changed my life! I learned to love myself, my body and to get out there and enjoy all the things I had been missing. Over the past nine months, I have released 63 pounds and become a new person!

Shelby McNamara

I’ve had the incredible fortune to be coached by Samantha at her live events, within the Society, and at one of her retreats. Working with her has been nothing short of life changing. Finally being freed of the eating disorder, and the terrible thoughts that went along with it - for more than 18 years of my life!

Chelsey Dixon

Hungry for Happiness helped me reconnect with my intuition, my body and feelings around food. I can no longer put food in my mouth without being mindful, without knowing whether or not I am hungry or eating for emotional fulfillment. It’s now my choice and no longer a "mindless" act.

June Kamerling

The journey with H4H was an unexpected awakening for me. I was thoroughly discouraged and in self-loathing mode after an intensely restrictive diet where I lost 75 lbs, then quickly gained back 50. When I talked to Sam, I felt nothing but love and caring wrapped in a package of intense focus and directed purpose.

Joyce Perrone

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