Are You Ready To End The Vicious 
Cycle With Food & Your Body? 

Hi, I'm Sam - Give me 6 months, 
I'll give you back your life! 
"Okay, Diet Starts Monday."
How often have you told yourself this? 

Waking up every morning obsessing, analyzing and freaking out out about food and how much you hate your body isn't the way we were designed to live...

You've got the power to end it now, 
are you ready?
Welcome to 
The Hungry For Happiness Society... 
Are you tired of feeling guilty every time you eat a ‘forbidden food’?
Do you feel hopeless and frustrated about trying to lose weight with no results? 
You’ve tried every ‘miracle’ diet on the market and you’re still struggling to lose weight?

What if I told you I can help you end the vicious diet cycle? 
What happens when our diet fails? 

We swing so far in the other direction, we binge on everything we can find. 
We emotionally eat because we were so deprived of our favourite foods. 

And now what? We are back to square one.

Sound familiar? But before you decide that you’re ready, let’s talk about the
problem of binge eating, and the impact it may be having on your life right now.

And you’re not alone…

We've helped over 784 women sustainably release weight & end battle with food and their bodies...
will you be next? 
The Hungry For Happiness Story...
I’m Samantha Skelly – I specialize in helping women around the world lose weight and gain confidence by ending the struggle with binge eating and finding the real YOU.

I want to work with you to create lasting change – a new, effective but gentle approach to help you transform your body, but also your relationship with food and increase self-esteem in all areas of your life.

On this 6 month journey we’re going to work together to escape from the hopelessness and frustration of overeating and beating yourself up about it later. 

This vicious negative cycle CAN be stopped. And what’s even better is that you can feel in control, confident and happy about eating and still looking and feeling great. I can show you how…
You may be wondering,
“That sounds amazing, but I’ve tried everything…”
I get it. I totally do.

There’s a million books, DVDs, TV shows and gyms out there all telling you ‘they’ know the answer to weight loss. Why would what I say be any different?
Here's why...
We’re going to look far deeper into your weight loss transformation than most others go. They’re chasing the superficial layer only, but we know that the REAL root causes of these problems are underneath, and need to be dealt with to see real lasting change.

I’ll guide you on a journey of self-discovery to uncover the reasons why you’re using “food as a drug” and how to overcome binge eating – for good.

We also know that social support and having your own coach are the number 1 factors in success. You may be just like our other Hungry For Happiness clients who desperately wanted to make these changes in life but didn’t know where to start, and they felt that the typical ‘personal trainer’ or ‘diet book’ didn’t GET their problem. And that’s usually true.

One last thing that makes this approach different is that not only do you have me as your personal guide every step of the way, but I personally guarantee my program. That means if you don’t get the results after 6 months, you won’t pay a penny. I can’t get much fairer than that.

The bottom line is this – losing weight and overcoming binge eating is all down to identifying and gently changing similar, predictable patterns that we see time after time.

However… I do have to tell you this is NOT for everybody.

Therefore, I need to know that you’re ready, willing and able to invest in yourself to change your life with my help. I also need to see that you are going to be fully committed to making this change, and that you’re a suitable fit for the program.

Does that sound fair?

You'll have the support of not only myself, but the other Hungry For Happiness Society members to support you along your journey. Each week is a new lesson, each week you'll discover a new way to liberate yourself from the diet/binge cycle and finally learn to lose weight from a place of love. 
If you believe you're ready and it’s time for you to escape
 the frustration of overeating and the hopelessness of 
being unable to lose weight, and you want to radically 
transform the quality of your life, then now is the time.
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"Samantha has literally changed my life with her work. Her refreshing approach is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Not once did I ever feel like I ‘had a problem’ or needed ‘to be fixed’. Her warm, loving and down to earth approach made it easy for me to see what was holding me back and exactly what I needed to change. I am not sure where I would be right now if I didn’t decide to take the leap – I now see the world with new eyes and I couldn’t be happier”

- Jessi Larssen - Canada
Did you know that 67% of women say they’re stressed 
about their weight and the relationship with food?
So, how does it work?
Weekly videos to support you in your journey, each week you will have the module where I break down step-by-step how to stop using food as a drug.
This course is about seeing and embodying TRUE change, not just thinking about it. I give you exercises and meditations to anchor in the teachings each week.
We have a community of thousands of women just like you who are waiting to support you to end your battle with food. 
The Course Breakdown
  •   6 months of online group coaching
  •  Weekly teachings, exercises & experiences
  •  Facebook community for continual support 
  •  A soul sister (accountability for additional support and love)
  •  LIVE Q&A Weekly Webinars 
Here is some proof... 
“Finding Samantha was such a blessing. She showed me how to get back to the basics and fully love myself again. Samantha beautifully guided a path for me to see exactly what was blocking me from fully living in love. I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life but not because I’m a failure, but because I went about it all wrong. She is a true gem and I will be forever grateful for the lessons she has taught me.”

- Traci Gerckens - USA

“It’s hard to explain the impact this program has had on me, it’s completely changed the relationship I have to food as well as my body. I didn’t realize how much I was suffering until Samantha showed me what it feels like to overcome these issues. I can’t thank her enough for her love, support and guidance. I’ve lost 15 pounds, not from dieting, but from listening to my body and figuring out the emotional root cause of why I was eating – this work is remarkable”

- Jacki Markle - USA

Samantha has literally changed my life with her work. Her refreshing approach is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Not once did I ever feel like I ‘had a problem’ or needed ‘to be fixed’. Her warm, loving and down to earth approach made it easy for me to see what was holding me back and exactly what I needed to change. I am not sure where I would be right now if I didn’t decided to take the leap – I now see the world with new eyes and I couldn’t be happier”

- Jessi Larssen - Canada 

Retirement hit me hard both physically and mentally. Working with Samantha totally changed my life! I learned to love myself, my body and to get out there and enjoy all the things I had been missing. Over the past nine months, I have released 63 pounds and become a new person!

- Shelby McNamara
Have a concern? Check this out... 
“I don’t have the time”
Imagine how much extra time you’d have if you didn’t obsess over food and your body. Take a moment right now and think about all the mental space you’d have if you weren’t constantly obsessing and analyzing, stressing and feeling shameful. Also, The Society is all about integrating into your life, not taking hours out of your day to ‘work on yourself’ it’s about taking the work and using it in the things you’re already doing. The only time commitment is listening to the webinars and modules.
“I don’t have the money”
So, here is the thing. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but YOU are the best investment you can make. Investing in yourself will always be the best choice, if you don’t believe this, The Society probably isn’t for you. However, if you totally understand the importance of investing in yourself and you still are struggling to make it happen, we offer payment plans to suit your financial situation, we re on your side, we are willing to make this work for you. 

“Not sure if it's the program for me”
Ask yourself if this is your fear holding you back? Trust me, I totally get it. I used every excuse in the book to distance myself from getting help, why? Because it can be freaking scary! I totally get it, sometimes staying stuck and struggling is more comfortable than changing our ways. If you truly want to end the battle with food and your body don’t let your fear hold you back, you’ve got this. 
“I’m scared of sharing my 'stuff' “
I hear this a lot, this is probably one of the biggest concerns when people enter the program. And here is the thing, the very reason why you’ve not been successful in healing your relationship to food and your body is because you’ve not allowed yourself to share it and get help. As soon as you voice it, and seek support it begins to heal. Hiding away and keeping it a secret will only make the issue worse. I know it can be a little scary at first, but everyone in the program is in the same boat as you, this is the safest place you can share. Everything is 100% confidential. 
Are you ready to finally end the battle with food and your body and step into the life you know you deserve?
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