It’s time to end the battle,

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Let's change our futures, together.

Are you ready to join us? Whether you’re curious about experiencing Sam in person, ready to commit to ending your battle with food and your body, or you’d like to master the Phoenix Formula and help other women – we’ve got you.

21 Day Meditation

Meditation truly helped me heal my relationship to food and my body, which is why I’ve created the 21 Day Food Freedom & Body Love Meditation Journey. In this series, I will lead you through 21 days of guided meditations with topics and mantras designed to help you get to the root of your struggle with food and body.
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Certification Program

Do you want to spend your life helping women end their battle with food and their bodies? Once a year, our founder, Samantha Skelly delivers a 10-month certification program to educate budding coaches in her Phoenix Formula, our proven system that takes individuals from a place of fighting food to finding freedom. This program also has a business building portion to help coaches create profitable businesses. This program is by application and invitation only.
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Hungry For Happiness - One Woman's Journey From Fighting Food To Finding Freedom - How To End Binge Eating, Forever

Samantha shares her uncensored story of how she went from fighting food to finding freedom and loving her body. She explains how to get to the root of your issue with food and body through stories, humor, and dozens of practical strategies.
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Samantha's YouTube channel

Every Thursday, Samantha releases a new video. Topics range from emotional eating and body image issues to breath work and divine downloads. The channel is basically all things mind, body, soul, and designed to help you live your dream life as the highest, best, and most authentic version of yourself
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The Hungry For Happiness Podcast

The Hungry for Happiness podcast combines personal development, deep conversations,and comedy to shake up the way you connect to yourself and the world. Samantha releases new episodes every Wednesday
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Join the online Tribe of Phoenixes!

Join a powerful group of women ruthlessly committed to ending their fight with food and their bodies. Know that you are not alone and get the support you have always needed from soul sisters just like you all around the world.

You are a Phoenix, join the rest of the tribe.