Episode 030: Safety, Awareness and Sexual Assault Prevention with Jennifer Cassetta

Episode 030: Safety, Awareness and Sexual Assault Prevention with Jennifer Cassetta
Jennifer Cassetta is a Clinical Nutritionist, Self Defense and Fitness Expert, Author, and Motivational Speaker; With a 3rd degree black belt and Master’s degree in Nutrition, Jennifer has been helping others for over 15 years feel stronger, safer and confident, speaking to audiences all over the world on topics such as health, wellness, personal safety, empowerment, self-defense, and more. I loved this episode. It is so powerful and important for women to understand how to defend themselves. She walks us through a beautiful framework to truly understand how to feel safe in potentially vulnerable situations.

Inside this episode, Jennifer shares

  1. The ABC’s of self-defense.
  2. How the paralyzing fear of a near death experience led her to finding strength in martial arts.
  3. Gut health and how the foods we consume, including coffee, affect our brain.
  4. Becoming a true badass after undergoing tragedy and loss.

What you’ll hear:

  • 2:49- How we can protect ourselves at home and in public.
  • 7:42- Different ways we can communicate our boundaries with strangers.
  • 18:00- Healing our trauma response to men when we feel unsafe in our bodies.
  • 23:00- Foods that help lower anxiety.
  • 33:51- Sexual assault prevention, self-defense and standing firm in your boundaries.

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