Episode 039: The Key to Healthy, Lasting Relationships with Loralei Bayette

Episode 039: The Key to Healthy, Lasting Relationships with Loralei Bayette
This episode is all about relationships and viewing our relationships as a mirror. She got really real and vulnerable and basically said on the show, “I don’t trust myself to be in a relationship.” And it’s so freakin cool for a woman to just own that and just really say, “Ok listen, now is not the time. The time is to love ME. The time is to be in my own body. The time is to understand myself.” I just thought that was one of the rad-est things that has ever been shared on the show so I appreciate her so much for saying that. We’re really digging into the topics of feeling lonely, insignificant, unloveable-whatever it may be- and how we are dependent on relationships to provide that for us. That’s a broken model, we really have to fulfill that within ourselves, because a relationship is only adding value to what we already have.

About Loralei Bayette

Loralei Bayette is a speaker and Holistic Trasnformation Coach. She helps clear obstacles and uses herself as a stepping stone and mirror to her client’s self discovery and manifesting power. She’s a self love advocate and rebellious creative who believes in questioning everything and going within to ignite the goddess within. She has a Youtube Channel called HolisticGoGetter and will be doing events in 2018. So make sure you check out her channel and instagram for more updates.

Inside this episode, Loralei shares

  1. 07:29- What self abandonment looks like and how we can heal it.
  2. 19:35- How to create a felt sense of belonging from the inside.
  3. 24:20- Simple practices to instantly increase your energetic vibration.
  4. 30:45- Tapping into our own internal light source.

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Samantha Skelly is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, best-selling author, and emotional eating expert who has revolutionized the weight loss industry by examining the individual and underlying causes of eating disorders. She has shared her mission on an international platform and continues to spread her message and transform the lives of thousands of people through the Phoenix Formula, motivational speaking engagements, the Hungry for Happiness podcast, worldwide international retreats, and her Amazon best-selling book, Hungry for Happiness: One Woman’s Guide From Fighting Food to Finding Freedom.