EP 073: Exploring Deep Layer of Self-Worth with Clara Wisner + Kylee Seifert

EP 073: Exploring Deep Layer of Self-Worth with Clara Wisner + Kylee Seifert
What's up love the welcome back to the Hungry for Happiness podcast. You are listening to episode number 073 with Kylee and Clara from Love Rising. In this episode we talked about how to actually increase our bodies’ to the frequency of that worth where we know we can attract everything that we desire and why investing in ourselves is one of the bravest things we can possibly do. I remember going back to when I first started Hungry for Happiness. I hired a business coach that cost more money than I made that month and I so I went into a deficit month after month after month, and the only thing I could bet on was myself. It really taught me how strong and powerful I could be and I always use that as a reference when I'm either investing nor or taking big leaps of faith. It was such a powerful, powerful part of my life. We talked about connecting to our subconscious and really speaking to different parts of ourselves. I love this kind of work where we can really understand that even with with an inner child we have our 3 year old child that has its needs, we have our 9 year old, our 14 year, we have all of these different parts of us. We have our inner child, our evolved woman, our mind, our intellect. There’s so many parts of our system that’s communicating to us at various times and so we really go into how to listen, how to observe, and how to honor.

About Clara and Kylee

Clara + Kylee are both coaches on a mission to change the way women see themselves. Their mission in life and in their podcast, the Love Rising Podcast, is to help women wake up to the love inside of themselves through nourishing food, positive mindset, emotional fitness, and spiritual connection. Clara + Kylee also run a revolutionary membership life-coaching program called “The Gathering”.

Inside this episode, Clara and Kylee share:

  • Practicing self-worth and feeling deserving of the life we want.
  • Why investing in ourselves is the most brave, healing thing we can do.
  • The importance of making time for things that truly make you happy.
  • Connecting to our subconscious and speaking to the different parts of ourselves.
  • Uncovering subconscious blocks in our systems.
  • How to identify and shift stories that no longer serve us.
  • How to create and communicate healthy boundaries.

You can find more about Clara and Kylee at:

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Meet Samantha Skelly

Samantha Skelly is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, best-selling author, and emotional eating expert who has revolutionized the weight loss industry by examining the individual and underlying causes of eating disorders. She has shared her mission on an international platform and continues to spread her message and transform the lives of thousands of people through the Phoenix Formula, motivational speaking engagements, the Hungry for Happiness podcast, worldwide international retreats, and her Amazon best-selling book, Hungry for Happiness: One Woman’s Guide From Fighting Food to Finding Freedom.