I am so excited to bring you this episode! I had the privilege to interview David Elliot in his beautiful home. He is one of the pioneers in the breathwork movement. As you know, breakwork excites me so much in conjunction with the food and body conversation. Breathwork is just a beautiful catalyst for us to go deeper with the food and body conversation. I loved this conversation with David about his breathwork, the spiritual and physical reason behind it. It was a beautiful conversation and I’m so excited to bring it into the world and share it with you!

About David Elliott

There are many blocks on the healing path. Each block has its own story; hearing into them is David Elliott’s gift.

Author, teacher and healer David Elliott has spent over two decades helping and inspiring clients from around the world to heal their deepest fears, blocks and negative beliefs. Though no client is the same, the formula he uses never varies.

David combines his intuitive gift of clairaudient hearing to help expedite the healing process for all who work with him, gently guiding and revealing deeply buried histories or beliefs with gentle compassion and grace. His process is effective in all areas of his work, from private sessions working one-on-one with clients to the group work he leads during healing retreats around the world.

Inside this episode, David shares:

  1. Why serving and helping others brings joy
  2. The spark that caused David to create a movement surrounding breathing meditation
  3. What breathwork is, the science behind it, and what it accomplishes within the body
  4. David’s desire to equip people to heal themselves rather than creating a dependency
  5. The relationship between a person’s their hands and their heart during breathwork
  6. His mission and why David does this work
  7. Clairaudient hearing and how David uses it in the healing process
  8. David’s daily practices & rituals
  9. Promoting self-love and safety within your body through breathwork
  10. How David’s work integrates into his parenting
  11. The importance of your relationship with mother earth
  12. David’s insights into the relationship between eating disorders and abuse energy

You can find more about David at:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Events & Trainings


The Reluctant Healer by David Elliott
Becoming Supernatural by Joe Dispenza
Healing by David Elliott
Earth is Hiring by Peta Kelly



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