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Shame Eats Us Alive, Literally.

Shame eats us alive… Literally. It’s one of those dreaded feelings in the body that we suppress and distract ourselves from. Shame feels heavy – it feels like a rock on the heart and a tennis ball in the throat. Who feels me? In fact, I’m sure as your reading this you’re feeling these sensations. […]

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You Cannot Diet And Trust Yourself At The Same Time

Trusting yourself is one of the hardest things to do. So, I’m going to go ahead and ‪#‎truthbomb‬ you for a moment here. When we ‘trust’ ourselves, we base it on our personality, our ego – the part of us that has let us down time and time again. There is a conditional trust, it’s based on […]

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Truth About Weight Loss

When we think about losing weight, we think about it in the physical sense. Burning fat, dropping calories, restriction, deprivation.. all of it. Eat less, exercises more. And I get it, it makes sense – after all, you’ve got a 60 billion dollar industry playing to your insecurities on the regular, there isn’t much space, […]

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