Episode 025: Changing the Planet One Plant at a Time with Jessica Murnane

Episode 025: Changing the Planet One Plant at a Time with Jessica Murnane
I loved this episode. One thing we talked about with our group programs and with all of our clients is life is constantly happening for us in perfect timing. When we can step out of that victim mentality of “Life is happening to me” and and “Life is happening for me” it shifts our emotionality and we're able to see and experience more miracles and so we talked a lot about this. Jessica opens up about her condition, endometriosis and how it's given her awareness of her body.  By going plant based, she has managed and eliminated many of her symptoms. We talk about the impact of food and our bodies from an internal approach, how it affects our menstrual cycles and Jessica takes us through a body scan practice to check in which was super cool.

About Jessica

Jessica Murnane is the creator of the One Part Plant movement (she’s working to get everyone on this planet to eat one plant-based meal each day), host of the One Part Podcast, and wellness advocate (she works to raise awareness for endometriosis).

Jessica has contributed to and appeared in countless magazines and websites, including Mind Body Green, Goop, The Coveteur, Food 52, PopSugar, and Chalkboard Magazine and has spoken at Apple, Taste Talks, and Wanderlust.

Inside this episode, Jessica shares

  1. How Jessica created a cookbook from experimenting with food.
  2. Living with endometriosis and managing the symptoms.
  3. How we can check in with our body and use our pain as a teacher.

What you’ll hear:

  • 8:00-How food affects our menstrual cycles.
  • 21:00- What Endometriosis has taught Jessica about her body.
  • 26:08- Living with body dysmorphia and being open to how our bodies change.
  • 40:00- A body scan practice to connect with the different sensations we feel.

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Meet Samantha Skelly

Samantha Skelly is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, best-selling author, and emotional eating expert who has revolutionized the weight loss industry by examining the individual and underlying causes of eating disorders. She has shared her mission on an international platform and continues to spread her message and transform the lives of thousands of people through the Phoenix Formula, motivational speaking engagements, the Hungry for Happiness podcast, worldwide international retreats, and her Amazon best-selling book, Hungry for Happiness: One Woman’s Guide From Fighting Food to Finding Freedom.